Travel Theme : Birds

What big eyes you have...

What big eyes you have…



Changing places on the nest

Changing places on the nest

Little correl

Little Corrella

King Parrott

King Parrott

Tawny frogmouth

Tawny frog mouth

Family of Rainbow Lorikeets

Family of Rainbow Lorikeets

Thanks Ailsa, great theme this week, every one loves birds. ( click here to see more from other bloggers) They are not easy to photograph, but what a thrill when you manage to capture a good shot.

These are just a few of my personal favourites. When it rains a couple of Rainbow Lorikeets shelter on the back window sill, keeping dry under the eaves and I managed to capture this video of them. So cute.


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11 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Birds

  1. Great bird photos.

  2. that opening image is great!!!!!

  3. Love that video of those beautiful little birds.

  4. I can never get good shots of birds. ALL of these are wonderful!

  5. Pommepal, I always wanted to be an ornithologist. This week’s theme has really left me dumbstruck. You have some really striking images of birds. I loved the post and I am sure many like me are thankful to you for putting up such a lovely post.

    • Thank you Chaitanya for that lovely and encouraging comment. Birds certainly are a lovely subject but also quite difficult to get close enough for that good shot, but very rewarding when you do

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