Weekly Photo Challenge : Juxtaposition

A juxtaposition is “the act of placing things side by side, especially for the purpose of comparison or contrast”

Ok …..

This has made my brain work over time. I’m not sure I have come up with the right type of photos, but they are, I think, interesting photos.

So here goes..

Sculpture walk in the Northcliffe forest

Sculpture walk in the Northcliffe forest

This metal sculpture is in stark contrast to the bark of the tree behind it.

So is it in Juxtaposition to the tree?

I’m not sure…

Now I am showing 2 photos. Can I say the photos are in juxtaposition to each other showing a comparison?

The very tiny sundew is about the size of a finger nail. (Very hard to get into focus) I think the sculpture is a very clever and beautiful work of art based on the sundew. I would like one in my garden.

This is the full sculpture winding up the tree

This is the full sculpture winding up the tree


impromptu music session.

impromptu music session.

Juxtaposition? Well you tell me….

I see two people, one male, one female. (contrast)

They are both playing instruments, but quite different types and styles of instruments.(contrast again).

In comparison they are playing the same tune. ( I assure you it sounded really good)


Yoga pose, so flexible

Yoga pose, so flexible


These two can be compared like peas in a pod. I would say they are definitely in juxtaposition to each other.


Well I really don’t know if I have the correct interpretation on this weeks photo challenge. But it has been fun and challenging searching for photos.

Please feel free to comment on these photos. I would really like to know your opinion.

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Juxtaposition

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  2. Madoqua

    Amazing! I love the comparison between the sundews and the metallic work of art!

  3. I’ll go for the metal next to the tree, and the sundews in comparison to the sculpture! Well done Pommepal 🙂

  4. they are all great photos. the sculpture is quite impressive! the final photo is my favorite – it’s dramatic and peaceful and stunning! z

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  9. I think you did wonderfully. I’m still stuck.

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