Travel Theme : Dry

Australia is the driest continent in the world. It is a country of extremes. The outback can go months and sometimes years with no significant rainfall. The rivers run dry, the dams become a dry dusty depression in the ground and the stock suffer.

It has been a year since the Queensland outback has had rain.

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Mt Isa to Camooweal pc sx40 031_3000x4000

These windmills pumping water from far underground are the life savers of the bush,


Ailsa of “Where’s my backpack” has chosen dry as the challenge this week and for farmers in the Australian outback it is a major challenge.

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15 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Dry

  1. Being Australian – we completely understand dry… These are great photos for the theme 🙂

  2. Looks like our dry home! Hoping for rain……your like wouldn’t load~

  3. I’m thirsty. Great shots, Pauline, that certainly prove the theme.

  4. Yikes, that’s dry

  5. Lovely shots!

  6. Late to the party, your post didn’t show up in my reader 😦
    Anyway, I love your choice for the theme, the photos bring back good memories of a trip out to Alice from Cairns through this region, where dry is not necessarily a good thing.
    Jude xx

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