A Word a Week Challenge : Figure

Today I am going back in my photographic memories to a camel race I had the pleasure to watch in Winton in the Australian outback. No fashion on the track competitions here, no high heel shoes and fancy hats. Nearly all the hats were Akubras worn by the men, and some of the women, and the clothes of choice were jeans and shirts.

The sun radiated down from a brilliant blue sky, it was dusty and hot, but the atmosphere was happy and excited.

camel races winton pc sx40 050_4000x3000

camel races winton pc sx40 015_3443x2140

camel races winton pc sx40 065 go girl

camel races winton pc sx40 047_2971x2144

It is a fast and furious sport the jockeys have very little control over their camels, notice in the photos they do not have reins to steer or even stop their mounts, it is just hang on and hope for the best. Surprisingly only one jockey fell off.

This was the overall champion rider with the most points through the day

This was the overall champion rider with the most points through the day


camel races winton pc sx40 115_4000x3000


This was the second place getter. Most of the riders were female !!!

This was the second place getter. Most of the riders were female !!!

It was an entertaining day, something quite different and unique to the Australian outback. The word challenge from Sue this week was “figure” and it made me think of all the interesting figures and characters I saw at the Winton camel races.

A lovely trip down memory lane for me.


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24 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge : Figure

  1. How fascinating! Sounds a bit risky, hanging on for dear life!

  2. How exciting!!! Stuart had a nasty experience with a camel in Rajasthan, or somewhere, oh yes, here on the beach when we organised a camel ride for our Swedish friends honeymoon … so camels still make me laugh … nervously!

    • Yes they are strange creatures, I spent 4 days riding one across the Thar desert in Rajasthan back in 1986, an unforgettable experience. I bet your Swedish friends never forgot their camel experience…

  3. Splendid event and photos!

  4. Great shots, nice story!

  5. The third photo (woman in purple riding the camel) is fantastic. It really captures the excitement.

    • Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate that you have taken the time to leave a comment. That camel is really flying isn’t it? No feet on the ground. How brave the riders are, they have no control at all.

  6. You sure find yourself at some extraordinary events PP. You have a wonderful life 🙂

  7. Brave souls!

  8. A great day in the Aussie outback…cannot beat it for entertainment.

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  11. How amazing! Love getting to see this. You have an interesting life. It’s wonderful that you share it with the rest of us. Thanks.

    • Pleased you had a look at it Eileen. It was one of those amazing things that we just stumbled across when going around Australia.

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