Travel Theme : Yellow

wine and roses 048_3264x2448

My first love is the queen of flowers the glorious rose when bejewelled with the diamond drops of rain it is pure perfection.

But a very close second is the multitude of wild flowers that cloak Western Australia in a multi-coloured carpet of beauty every spring.

It is a site that will never be forgotten. It is nature at its most flamboyant. All the colours of the rainbow are represented, but the yellow flowers glow with an iridescence that out-shine all the others. I’m pleased to sort through my hundreds of photos to share a few with you.

Yellow is my favourite colour and surrounds me with a golden glow.

donkey orchid enhanced_1022x764


Lake walk W flora pc 023_3264x2448

Thank you Ailsa for this theme. To see many other blogs of yellow click here.


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21 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Yellow

  1. Absolutely beautiful post x you brightened up a wet and windy day in UK x thank you x

    • Thank you for commenting and I am pleased these beautiful flowers have brightened up your day. I hope spring arrives soon for you.

  2. Stunning photos!

  3. beautiful gallery

  4. What beautiful yellows, certainly cheered up a dull afternoon in the UK….

    • I hope your weather improves soon. You must be fed up of all the rain and cold. Pleased my flowers cheered you up

  5. As you say a rose is beautiful but with some drops of rain/water it makes it perfect!

  6. wonderful wonderful choices for yellow, it must have been awesome to see those wildflowers!

    • It had been one of my dreams ever since we came to Australia. Now I have been there twice in wildflower season. This time it will be a bit too early for them, unless it is an early season. But then I’m getting to see Canberra in springtime this year !!!!!!

  7. Loving what I think is a protea?????

    • Do you mean the second photo? If so that is a Princess Gum. They are stunning when the whole tree is covered in those flowers

  8. Stunning! Thanks for sharing these beautiful flowers. We are buried under snow here and these are so lovely to see.

    • I haven’t seen snow since 1990 It is lovely to see in photos but oh so hard to live with. Pleased the flowers brought a ray of sunshine into your day

      • Winter does bring a certain peacefulness and calmness when you can get out into the woods to enjoy it. I do wish I didn’t have to drive in it though and do start really missing green things right about now.

  9. Wow!

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