Lingering Look at Windows : Hobbiton

I have missed being part of Dawn’s window challenge for 4 weeks as I have travelled around New Zealand. But I have collected lots of window photos.

So here is the first collection…

These are from the delightful village of Hobbiton in the mythical world of Middle Earth. We spent an entrancing 3 hours exploring this village. (you can see the story of our visit here) and of course I had to take photo after photo…


To look through more windows from around the world visit Dawn’s site

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25 thoughts on “Lingering Look at Windows : Hobbiton

  1. Thank you for posting these lovely photos. They just make you want to step right into them!!

    • Pleased you visited my blog Iris it is good to read your comment.I felt I was in a magical place, it was beautiful to walk around

  2. I never got to visit this place when I was last in NZ, so it is nice to see it here, and so beautifully presented. Thanks for posting.

  3. Even before I read your words I thought of Frodo and Bilbo, the hobbits! I will have to read your story!

  4. Love these. Had friends from the states who were there just about the same time as you!

    • Well now I was talking to some folks from the States travelling around in a camper van. What a coincidence if it was your friends…

  5. wonderful fotos

  6. What a fun visit PP – loved New Zealand but never got here :-(, and i LOVE the hobbit!! Next time 🙂

  7. Great Hobbit windows PP – I especially like the view through the penultimate picture, though it does look a little too dark inside for my liking 😉
    Jude xx

  8. Thank you for sharing! We visited Hobbiton but had to sign for not showing the photos before the movie. I can see you went inside too – that must have been in the newly built ones, because this wasn’t possible in the old ones. They were only fake – nothing inside.

    • How long ago were you there Leya? These Hobbit holes were only facades but looked like the real thing. The inside scenes were shot in a studio. The first ones that you saw were only makeshift and had not been planned to last, but when Peter Jackson came back asking to do the next series they told him he could on condition he built the village to last as a tourist attraction, and, as they say, the rest is history…

      Our guide told us all these interesting details, it was a good tour. 🙂

  9. Great shots. We had a great trip there in January ( I am not even a fan of the movies!)

  10. I’ve never read these books but this makes me think of Alice in Wonderland, which I have read!

  11. What a magical charming place!

    • It was magical and it inspired me to read the books and get out the video of the movies. I enjoyed them and kept seeing that charming little village on the screen.

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