A to Z Challenge : O for Outback

The road travels endlessly to the horizon

The road travels endlessly to the horizon

2010 was a good year in the Australian Outback, the rains had fallen on the usually dry and barren land and the shimmering  silver of the Mitchel grass plains stretched to the horizon to meet the relentless blue of the sky. It is an unforgettable sight.

It was the year we travelled round Australia. Photographs cannot convey the splendour and immense beauty of this land. The emptiness and vastness, the feeling of isolation, it is a land that must be experienced.

The life giving windmill

The life giving windmill

As sun sets we find a place to camp among some spindly gum trees and listen to the quiet whirring of the windmill as it draws the life-sustaining water from deep in the earth. We drift to sleep under a huge canopy of stars.

For thousands of years the Aboriginals lived in harmony with the Outback. I came across this inspiring YouTube as I searched for music to add to this post.


 I really enjoy this challenge from “Frizztext”. It is open to so much interpretation and I like to check out what other bloggers have chosen. Click here to visit other posts


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20 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge : O for Outback

  1. Excellent choice for ‘O’ PP. I love the photo of the windmill – to me the vast isolation of the Outback IS Australia. The cities along the coast are lovely, but they are cities like other cities around the world; some, granted,on a beautiful coastline, but it is the Outback which is unique. The people, the landscape, the animals, the flora.

    And thank you for finding the inspirational music to accompany your post. This has made my day!
    Jude xx

    • Thank you Jude for a lovely comment. I agree with you, cities are world wide but only Aussie has that huge outback. I’ve heard some people say it is boring to drive across. It is if you whizz by at 100km+, you have to go slowly to really discover it and let the experience sink into your soul.

  2. THis is so precious! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Reblogged this on scrapydo and commented:
    This is worth seeing!

  4. very – very cool. thx….

  5. your photos are marvelous and the video really was a call to adventure in the outback…..enjoyed the experience tremendously…thanks.

    • Thanks Eileen. YouTube certainly has some great clips, but you have to search for it. I fell in love with this haunting song of the outback…

  6. such a wonderful choice for O … and your photos are wonderful, they give the feeling of space that can only be experienced by travelling through it … for days!

  7. Great post, Pommepal 🙂 love the windmill image

  8. your outback windmill is like a big “O” sign / monument!

  9. Fats Suela

    Beautiful photos! I love the windmill! =)

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