A to Z Challenge : P for Pottery

Frizztext’s A to Z challenge this week is “P” and that takes me back to 2001 when we were in Korea at the same time as the “2nd Biennial World Ceramic Expo”. What an amazing display of pottery and ceramics from around the world.

Korean pottery is acknowledged for its beauty and form, it is a reproduction of nature created by God. Visit this site to learn about the fascinating history of Korean Pottery and to see some exquisite pottery.

As we entered the expo site we passed this huge kiln. Pots were being made and fired on site. I had never seen such a large kiln before.

Creating magic

Creating magic

Children are fascinated

Children are fascinated


ceramic expo

 ceramic expo

ceramic expo

Now I wanted to find some appropriate music, so a search around and You Tube produced this, enjoy the calming effect of watching the pot slowly evolving from the raw clay and mastery of the potter. 


 I really enjoy this challenge from “Frizztext”. It is open to so much interpretation and I like to check out what other bloggers have chosen. Click here to visit other posts

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11 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge : P for Pottery

  1. Wonderful to see how a piece of clay can turn out in a most beautiful pot. I tried some pottery work but never came toe do it on the potters wheel!

  2. Laura Bloomsbury

    some lovely photos of the mesmerising practice of pottery, pommepal

    • I remember many, many years ago when TV had just started, back in the 1950’s, when they had breakdowns, which happened often, they would show a film of a potter on his wheel. I guess it was to calm the viewers down while they fixed the problem.

  3. This brings to mind “We are the clay and He is the Potter.” Beautiful photo’s. Thanks for sharing.

  4. many years I could watch my wife working as a potter – our kitchen is filled by her products – kind of land art… (pots ‘n plates, boxes ‘n bowls)

    • Jack (my partner) loved pottery and for many years in New Zealand he made all sorts of things. Most of it he gave away before we came to Australia

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