Weekly Photo Challenge : Letters

Curtain fig tree

Curtain fig tree

Walking through National Parks all over Australia I am awed at the beauty and diversity of nature, but what really enhances the experience are the information boards that explain how and why the tree grew this way, or the history of the pioneers.

So it is words that educate me about the beauty I am looking at.

Detailed information board

Detailed information board

This amazing tree grows in the tropical rainforest on the Atherton Tablelands.


Pioneers having a picnic in the outback of Australia

Pioneers having a picnic in the outback of Australia

Now to take you to another part of Australia. This is a very old photo that is on an information board.

Matilda hyw pc sx40 019_4000x3000

We were in the Australian Outback, miles from civilisation and when we saw a small sign pointing along a rough track to Combo Waterhole. What a delight the information boards were. Old photos of pioneers enjoying a picnic and vividly portraying how life was in the bush.

Read this and then close your eyes and visualise how it was.

Read this and then close your eyes and visualise how it was.

That song is the well known “Waltzing Matilda”

Maybe Banjo Patterson also sat here when he composed some of his poetry.

Maybe Banjo Patterson also sat here when he composed some of his poetry.

Matilda hyw pc sx40 019_4000x3000 cropped


I had more photos of the track and surrounding bush to show you, but then disaster struck and ALL my old photos on the external hard drive suddenly disappeared.


I’ve tried to recover them but so far no luck. I guess I will have to now leave it till Monday and call in a computer wizard to, hopefully, perform some sort of miracle.

I do have all the photos backed up on another hard drive back on the Goldcoast, thousands of kilometres away. So all is not lost, but I will not be able to search for photos for the challenges that I so enjoy. Looked at from another angle I will now have to go out on photo sorties to collect another batch of photos.


I’m sure most people have heard “Waltzing Matilda” but in case you have missed it here it is…


In response to WP photo challenge this week I have been forced to use lots of “words”…

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Letters

  1. A very lovely post, with some brilliant ideas and pictures, but…I nearly passed by all your great info! Did you know that in the WP reader you can only see the video?

    Hope you don’t mind me pointing this out, its just a tip if you want more people to see your work.
    Put all your pics into a gallery, the WP reader them picks those up. Also I would advise following yourself (also by email, as it looks different again on there) that way you can keep an eye on it, and amend if needed.

    • Thank you very much Amanda for those tips, I appreciate your comment. I wonder why the reader picks up on the video and not the photos? I thought it would be the first photo you put in a post that the reader would show. This blogging is certainly a learning curve isn’t it?

      • Yes I know, I don’t understand why, as WP state its the feature image that shows up first, but its actually any media e.g. video or gallery that displays in the reader.
        I only noticed as i follow myself and check every now & then. Ive found if i add a gallery, it shows up in the reader as planned. Hope that helps and you don’t mind me pointing that out to you. 🙂

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh I love national parks world wide and I love the informative signs as well! Keeps us learning. I was going to ask Jack where you were???? Fabulous post, stunning places and fabulous photography! Bravo~

    • G’day Cindy, we are house sitting in Geraldton on the West coast for another month. The house is just over the road from the Indian Ocean.

  4. a rich and nostalgic post Pauleen, my folks were pioneers, I have many photos of them from the 1850’s on, just like that one on the sign! we love reading information signs too …. so easy to slip into that old life!

    • Thanks Christine, I appreciate the information boards and I like to take a photo of them so I can remember the details at a later date. (The memory is not as good as it used to be!!!)

  5. Great take on the challenge, Pommepal!

  6. I like the idea of taking photo of the information boards and have done so myself. Perhaps we’ll see some of this when we visit Australia late next year. I love “Waltzing Matilda” and really enjoyed your photos.


    • G’day Janet, love getting your comments. Australia does the national Park info boards very well. I’m sure you’ll get to see lots of them when you come over here.

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