Weekly Photo Challenge : On the Move.

For more than 3 years our life has been in constant motion.

The gypsy in my soul had full rein and in 2010 we took to the road in Matilda our home on wheels, our sardine can, as Jack called her. She brought freedom and adventure as we travelled around Australia. We travelled up and over hills and mountains, slowly. Always wondering what was going to be around the next corner. Some times the roads were dusty and rutted, but we always had a roof over our head and a dry bed to sleep in.

December 24th 2013 that era came to an end and we sold Matilda. She will never be forgotten here is a tribute to her.

Now we are carless and experiencing a different type of adventure, house sitting, constantly on the move from one house to another, we are still exploring. So the theme this week is very appropriate for me.

Follow the other types of movement from around the WordPress blogosphere here.

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18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : On the Move.

  1. That is quite an adventure – in a covered wagon? I prefer a motor home where I can lock the doors at night. 🙂 You’re a brave soul but it sounds like fun.

    • Actually Sue we were in a small, very small, campervan. I have to admit I was only posing on the gypsy wagon. But it was a dream as a teenager to travel the highways and byways in a horse drawn wagon, I was a horse mad girl in those days…;)

  2. Perfect prompt for you and Jack! On the move is what you do and who you are!

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  4. Awesome,I think you must be born with the “lust” for moving around all the way. I am a stay home person more than a traveller

  5. this theme was made for you Pauline! wonderful evocative photos, and I wish you many more exciting days on the move, some of them in our direction …

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  7. On the Move – should be the name of your blog really! I wish the OH had a more adventurous spirit, I’d love to take a year out and travel around Australia or the US. He’s too much of a homebody though. Still at least I can travel with you 🙂

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