A to Z Challenge : S for Snakes


Snakes mating

Snakes mating

Snakes mating

Click on the above link to see the video of these 2 snakes mating

Jack and a black headed python

Jack and a black headed python

Carpet Python drinking at our fish pond

Carpet Python drinking at our fish pond


This carpet python would be in our Grevillea tree for hours, patiently waiting for the Rainbow lorikeets to arrive for their evening meal. We never saw him in action, but often we would find a few forlorn, multicoloured feathers scattered in the grass and the python would be gone until it was his next meal time.

He was a beautiful creature and we loved to welcome him into our garden. Then, sadly, one day we found him dead in the back of the shrubbery with a large gash along his side. We believe someone, who had a fear of snakes, had killed him. So sad as this snake is non poisonous and of no danger to us.


Couldn’t resist adding a couple more “S” images. 

Talking to the skeleton staff

Talking to the skeleton staff

CORAL  Bay 018_3072x2304

Sweet Dreams……

So much selection for “S” this week. Saunter over to Frizztex and see what post’s are simmering 

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13 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge : S for Snakes

  1. I love the pattern on snakes but can’t say I’m overly fond of them. The film reminded me of the time we lived in Northern Jo’burg and my baby son used to play happily with a pile of empty plant pots on the stoep. One day I collected them all up to find a large snake coiled beneath them. Luckily it was only a grass snake, but I still got a neighbour to remove it for me!

    • We have to be careful over here, so many deadly snakes, but mostly they slither away as fast as they can when they see you coming.

  2. I am NOT a snake person but that first shot could almost change my mind – such a loving couple of snakes in the grass 😉

    • I have a video of them too Lynne but unfortunately it is on the hard drive that has self destructed… 😦

  3. so nice….

  4. hi Pommepal, thanks for refreshing my memories: a friend of mine, anxious when snakes came to kill some of his chickens during his African period, nightly ran to the chickens and found a long snake (python I believe). With his axe he cut off her head. But surprisingly the snake turned around and stared into his eyes: he had failed and hat cut off a little piece of the tail.

  5. WOW!!! Can’t believe the python at your pond. Where are the poisonous vipes so famous over there???

    • We do get the brown snake in our city area, very poisonous he is. But most of the bad ones are out in the dessert and the bush. Mostly they will hide or run from you, thank goodness

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