Lingering Look at Windows : Back to Bunbury

Bunbury Art Gallery

Bunbury Art Gallery

When visiting new towns and cities one of the first places I look for is the Art Gallery and the town of Bunbury in Western Australia has a first class Gallery. It is in the former Sisters of Mercy convent and has 5 galleries of paintings, sculptures and local crafts to browse around.

Bunbury Art Gallery

Bunbury Art Gallery

I can picture the nuns in their black habits walking through these hallowed passage ways, heads bowed in meditation. The building was originally red brick and in 1987 the nuns left and it became the Art Gallery. Later to be painted this pretty pink.

Here are some more windows I found around Bunbury.

N A T Canberra pc 020_2448x3264

I like this bright blue but I didn’t make a note of what the building is, I just liked the colour and the window surrounds.

Do you keep meticulous records of all your photos? I am very slap dash with my cataloguing. So now only a few weeks after taking the photos I cannot give you any information on these other windows, but I hope you enjoy looking at them…

Dawn from “The day after” hosts a weekly challenge to find and show interesting windows we have seen.

Maybe you have some to show us.

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9 thoughts on “Lingering Look at Windows : Back to Bunbury

  1. There is something about the first two, pink and white that just makes me happy~

  2. Great look at these windows

  3. I love all the different shapes you have managed to find, that’s what makes me notice windows the most – or sometimes the colour. I remember having a lovely brunch at a café in Bunbury on the way from Freemantle to Augusta. Yummy!!

  4. I just love that pink and blue! Hubby is talking about painting the outside of the RUC blue (but I’m yet to be convinced) 😉

  5. I loved the oink and then I saw the blue.
    Oh well, love them both!

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