Travel Theme : Meeting Places

A perfect venue for people to meet and enjoy the uniqueness of each others cultures is a Multicultural festival.

People meet to sing

People meet to sing

and joyously dance

and joyously dance

Marreeba multicultural festival 084_4000x3000

The beat and rhythm of all the different cultures vibrates through the air.

Marreeba multicultural festival 147_2828x2964

Can you feel the rhythm?

Marreeba multicultural festival 131_3000x4000

Singing and chanting each group proudly displays their heritage and culture.

Marreeba multicultural festival 061_3288x2700

Dressed in colourful national dress each group performs for us.

Marreeba multicultural festival 072_1630x1535

Then happily pose for photos

Marreeba multicultural festival 126_3000x4000

Marreeba multicultural festival 120_2388x1690

Other cultures gracefully sway to seductive melodies.

Marreeba multicultural festival 165_1156x1321

The tradition of each culture is carried on by the children.

Marreeba multicultural festival 197_2298x1905

Marreeba multicultural festival 038_4000x3000

An appreciative audience enjoy the atmosphere, music and dancing while relaxing in the sunshine.

Marreeba multicultural festival 039_4000x3000

The smell of the different cultural foods drifts in the air and the difficulty is deciding which to choose.

Marreeba multicultural festival 188_2004x2541

Thank you for spending time with me at this Multicultural Festival.

How many of the cultures did you recognise?


Ailsa’s travel theme this week is “Meeting Places” and what better place to meet people from all over the world than at a Multicultural Festival.

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8 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Meeting Places

  1. You do the most wonderful things~

    • Thanks Cindy, there is so much to do out in the world isn’t there? and it doesn’t need a lot of money to do some of these things.

  2. Where was this? I went to a show in Canberra (it would have been in Feb or March) where they had all sorts of multicultural dancing and singing. Very good. You certainly have fun PP and I am so glad you share these times with us 🙂 A cracking post for meeting places!

    • These photos were taken this time last year when we were house sitting on the Atherton Tablelands, up north Queensland and it was much warmer than here…

      • I recall my son saying that Canberra is a little chilly in winter 😉 I only visited in the summer months.

        • It is chilly Jude, you were wise to come over in summer, but in comparison to the terrible weather the Northern hemisphere had last winter it is comparatively mild, but much cooler than the Queensland winters…

          • It’s all relative. I remember visiting my ex in Jo’burg in the autumn from the UK and wearing t-shirts as it was so warm for me, (20 C) but my daughter (who lived in Durban at the time where it is very tropical and humid) was wearing jumpers as she was cold!

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