Travel Theme : Endearing


Mother love is so endearing.

I caught this tender moment between mother and Kid and it is one of my favourite photos.

  Mother and kid

Just look at the expression of contentment on mother monkeys face.

Sydney zoo

thunder and jadore burleigh house sit 023_3264x2448

I’ve done nothing wrong, please give me a pat…

Here I come...

Here I come…

Horse loves Jack

One big sloppy kiss….

So cute

So cute


Ailsa has come up with a lovely challenge this week, in fact it is “endearing”.

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9 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Endearing

  1. All gorgeous except those mongrel rainbow lorikeets which are everywhere. They’re beautiful but are the vermin of the skies and trees. The outback equivalent of seagulls.

  2. Ah, the grandchild! I almost posted a photo of my youngest, but decided not to as I don’t usually do ‘family’ on my blog. That mother monkey looks as though she is grabbing 40 winks – happy that her youngster is asleep at last – don’t we all know THAT feeling 😉

  3. what a beautiful collection of photos that capture moments of love. the horse photo made me laugh and that mother monkey looked so content to be holding her child.

  4. This post titled ‘Endearing’ says something special to me.
    I am featured in two of the photos and remember the details of each photo.
    1 Numanbar valley, no kidding.
    2Toronga Park Zoo, NO!, I am not in this one.
    3 House sitting, how did he get the name Thunder.
    4Henery from Hobart, he had taking ways. (our private joke.)
    5 Freedom camping at Apple Tree park, N. of Childers, this is me getting a kiss from a blond.
    7 NZ Adele’s boy Adina, he was at a wonderful age mimicking every thing I did.
    It is a pity they grow up, but we must let them go or they never learn to be independent.
    Thank you Pauline for sharing all this with me, you always bring me joy. _/\_

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