Weekly Photo Challenge : Texture

Oak tree

Autumn leaves hanging out to dry

Look closely at the bark of trees the texture and patterns are beautiful.

But look also at the leaves

Oak leaf

Oak leaf

Look closer and you will see the tracing of delicate veins, the way the dewdrops magnify and enhance the beauty and texture of the leaf.

Beauty enhanced

Beauty enhanced

A tree on the Cardwell foreshore that survived the 2011 cyclone

A tree on the Cardwell foreshore that survived the 2011 cyclone

This tree is a survivor, but look closer and you will see another survivor.

Fern surviving the ravages of nature

Fern surviving the ravages of nature

This fern has found a sheltered place, nestled into the fork of a mighty tree, it survives.

Compare the texture of this bark to the oak tree above.

Another survivor

Another survivor

Look even closer and you will see this tangled web, but the resident spider is hiding.

Cardwell foreshore

Cardwell foreshore

The worst cyclone to hit the Australian coast in modern times devastated Cardwell in February 2011. Some of these mighty trees somehow survived. To help them, if another cyclone strikes, these rocks have been piled along the high water mark.

Look closely at these rocks.



They also have a rugged and beautiful texture.


This weeks WordPress photo challenge  is to discover textures in our world.

Every thing has its own unique texture and these are just a few I have found in my photo collection.


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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Texture

  1. have you ever noticed that the close up pattern of textures in leaves looks like the close up pattens in the texture of our skin?

  2. Nature is the greatest abstract artist. Nature can put a fish-eye reproduction of the whole garden in a dew drop or as you show magnify the minute.
    This post shows how nature fights back to give all a safe home.
    I love this post Pauline it shows the beauty of nature often over looked and taken for granted._/\_

  3. Great natural world textures, Pauline 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos, and the way you organized them seems a story. I love trees, nothing better for this challenge.

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