Word Press Photo Challenge : Silhouette

Silhouette of the life giving windmill

On the horizon the silhouette of the life-giving windmill


The windmill is a symbol of the Australian outback. It provides life-giving water for the stock. Without the water there would be no stock to take to market and there would be no need for the huge road trains which are the Kings of the road as they roar past.

Road train

Road train

As the sun sets it silhouettes the delicate tracery of the trees along the river bank.

tiaro mary river camp

Peering through the trees to watch the pelicans

Peering through the trees to watch the pelicans

Sunrise silhouette pandanus

Sunrise silhouette pandanus

Photography is all about experimenting with light, and then positioning yourself (or your subject) in the right spot to achieve a certain effect. One such effect is a silhouette, in which an outline of someone or something appears dark against a lighter background. Silhouettes can be very dramatic and resemble black shapes without any details, but the effect varies from picture to picture.

This is my interpretation of the WP photo challenge this week.

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10 thoughts on “Word Press Photo Challenge : Silhouette

  1. That last photo clinches it for me. Perfect silhouette!

  2. elizabethweaver

    Especially love the first shot!

  3. I like the first one!

  4. Thanks for sharing more memories

  5. Gorgeous shot!!

    • of the Windmill. I didn’t see the others until I clicked to see the rest of your post. Lovely shots! The first and last are my favorites.

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