Travel Theme : Autumn

Autumn leaves in puddles

Reflections of Autumn


botanic gardens Tasmania 207_4000x3000

Golden glow of Autumn


botanic gardens Tasmania 093_4000x3000

Autumn in Tasmania


red bus tour

The many shades of Autumn

It is now almost summer in my part of the world and Autumn is just a memory. But Autumn in all it’s glory does not happen here in tropical Queensland, just a gradual, slight cooling of the temperature as the seasons turn. Most of the trees are evergreens and many trees over here lose their bark and not their leaves

My memories of a perfect Autumn take me back to 2013 when we spent 3 glorious Autumn months in Tasmania and these photos are just a few of the hundreds I took.

The Autumn leaves will be falling all over blogdom for this theme, go over to “Where’s my backpack” to catch the falling leaves.

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5 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Autumn

  1. I love how you worked this. I didn’t even realize that you didn’t have a “traditional autumn” in Queensland, so I learned something too. Great post!

  2. Love the reflections in the puddle with the autumn leaves….

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