Photography 101: Day 3, Water

Water in Australia is a precious commodity. We are the driest continent in the world.

From the year 2000, over 10 years, Queensland was in the grip of an ever-deepening and desperate drought. Water supply dams became dangerously low. Some smaller inland towns had their dams dry up completely and water had to be carted into them. The large dams that supplied Brisbane’s 2.2 million population dropped below 20% . Water restrictions were tight. No sprinklers allowed on gardens, no car or outside house washing. As the drought worsened so did the restrictions, only allowed to use a bucket or watering can to water the garden and then only every second day between the hours of 4pm and 7pm. Fountains and water features were turned off.

Then in 2010 the heavens opened. The rain came back. slowly at first the dams started to fill. Then in 2011 and 2013 came the catastrophic floods and tornadoes creating major disasters and loss of property and misery for many. But the dams filled to overflowing.

2014 has been a perfect year weather wise, so far…

Australia is unpredictable. She can be mellow, like now, but we all know it will not last. So enjoy it while we can.

The joy of cooling water in the hot, humid summer of tropical Queensland

The joy of cooling water in the hot, humid summer of tropical Queensland

I have just about caught up with the daily “photography 101″. This is day 3.


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8 thoughts on “Photography 101: Day 3, Water

  1. I love this photo!

  2. Water – synonymous with joy in this picture. Thanks for sharing

  3. Stunning photo PP – worthy entry into a photography competition.

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