Photography 101 : Day 4, Bliss

Travel is one of my passions, I have the urge to see what is round the corner or over the hill. So when on the road it is absolute bliss to find a perfect spot to camp for the night.

clairview pc 020_2282x1825

Two well spaced trees to hang the hammock, a good book to read, with the sun shining and right on the beach.


Hydro Snowey mt hut pc 051_3264x2448

An old hut high in the Snowy Mountains.

Hut to Adinimby pc 012_3264x2448

Inside the hut a warm fire to toast the bread, a bottle of wine and that book to read. Settle in for the night after a day on the road. Listen to the wind in the gum trees and drift off to sleep.



Photography 101 : Day 4

Just 2 of our camping spots in the memorable one year trip around Australia

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11 thoughts on “Photography 101 : Day 4, Bliss

  1. How marvellous is that?!

  2. idllyc

  3. luv the 3rd picture.. I think it’s the most blissful among the three

  4. All the three interpretations are indeed so blissful 🙂

  5. Very blissful photos! 😀

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