Photography 101 : The Natural World

Margaret Olly art gallery pc 094adjust


The Tweed Valley on the border of Queensland and New South Wales is a beautiful part of the natural world. The Tweed River winds its tranquil way through the soft green valley and the aerial perspective of the mountains gives a 3 dimensional effect to the scene.

The light was subdued and sombre, not the best for landscape photography.  I am looking forward to going back here on a sunny day to capture the scene again in a different light, then I can compare what difference a sunny day will make. That is the addiction of photography always looking for a different perspective.

Margaret Olly art gallery pc 095 adjusted

I then zoomed in to make the aerial perspective of the mountains the main focus, looking at the way they fade into the distance. I think the first photo is a better composition for this “natural world” theme. 

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9 thoughts on “Photography 101 : The Natural World

  1. They are both lovely photographs of a beautiful part of the world.

  2. Ah! simple serene and picturesque. Glad you can see this day in and day out!

    Here’s my response to the prompt :

  3. Hello Pommepal,

    I’m an artist in the United States and happened upon this photograph while preparing a lesson on aerial perspective for a basic drawing class I teach. I was wondering if you would be fine with my including your photo in my lesson plan, NOT for anyone to copy, but rather to provide a visual point of reference regarding the effects of aerial perspective on a landscape, as well as what trees look like from a distance? I, of course, will attribute the photo to you in writing. I am happy to converse over email with you about the specifics if you’d like — it’s available on my website (my name links to my site). Many thanks for kindly considering my query, and all the best from the US!

    • Hello Leila, I am honoured that you consider my photo suitable to be used in your lesson plan and I am more than happy for you to use it. and if students would like to use it to base their art around that is ok too.
      I’m interested to know what attracted you to this post and how you discovered it, as it is over a year since I posted it. Hope the weather is improving in your part of the world.

      • Thank you so much for your speedy reply! I am simply elated that you are okay with the inclusion. When I credit you, should I just use the URL for your blog? I wasn’t able to find your name, only your profile pseudonym. I am fine with maintaining your anonymity/privacy, so I’ll credit you however you desire.

        I found your photo via a Google Images search. To be honest, I am not completely sure which search terms I used, because I launched several different searches when doing research for my lesson plan. They might simply have been “aerial perspective.”

        Thank you so much for generously sharing your art! Students do best when they can connect a clear visual to the concepts being discussed. My students in particular are beginners, and your photo is a textbook example of aerial perspective … not to mention it is lovely as well. It’s such an honor to be able to include it in my lesson plan.

        THANK YOU again! All the best to you, and keep on snapping pics — they are all so beautiful!

        • My name is Pauline Carroll which I don’t mind you using, but I would also appreciate you using the blog URL too.

          • No problem at all to include your URL — will do. Many thanks again, Pauline, and all the best to you!

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