Photography 101 : Pop of Colour

Jack at gym flowers 007_4000x3000


The tropical Poinciana trees are in full vibrant, showy bloom. Today the skies are greyish and I thought the colour would not “pop”  as much as with a blue sky back ground. So I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded them to see that the whitish background worked quite well.

Jack at gym flowers 011_4000x3000

The Alamanda is another tropical beauty. A vigorous climber it will smother a fence in exuberant colour. the bright yellow enhanced by the dark green leaves.


Photography 101 challenges us with a different subject each day. Today it is a “Pop of  Colour”

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11 thoughts on “Photography 101 : Pop of Colour

  1. Those definitely ‘pop’. There is a tree here with red flowers, no leaves, and the flowers are quite small – it is very odd almost looks like it is made out of plasticine! I’ll have to post a photo on my flower blog so you can try and id it for me.

  2. Those Poinciana trees are certainly full of ‘pop’ around here as well 😉

  3. Poinciana….never heard of that (but I’m no gardener/botanist!), but it certainly pops with colour 🙂

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