Photography 101 : Architecture

New Atcon PC 085 bnw_3000x4000


I have chosen these crazy angles for my answer to Cheri’s challenge today.

“Train your eye to look for architectural elements that translate in black and white: sharp lines and patterns, defined shapes, large surface areas, and a mix of very light and very dark colors. “

This is the Hotel, Hotel building in the New Acton area of Canberra. (click here to see more of this unique area)

New Atcon PC 046_3256x2551

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5 thoughts on “Photography 101 : Architecture

  1. I love that building! Managed to catch a glimpse of the new Frank Gehry building in Sydney the other night, but didn’t have a camera with me (damn…) wasn’t very impressive from the side I was at though because it is all squished in amongst other buildings. Needs some space to shine. This building reminds me of his architectural style. Great choice PP 😀

    • Thanks Jude, pleased to hear you have found the Frank Gehry building, maybe you can get back to it with a camera. Isn’t it frustrating when you come across some thing without your camera with you. I must admit I have a camera almost attached to me when I am on the road.
      I some times think I am cheating a bit with this project as I guess the idea was to go out each day to take a photo on the spot, but find that is impossible and still do other things.

  2. Beautiful architecture. For me the B&W version works best, not only because of the lack of colour, but also for the angle that creates this sort of overwhelming feeling.

  3. How cool.

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