Photography 101 : Treasure

Heating the gold

Heating the gold

Pouring the gold into a mould

Pouring the gold into a mould

This would help pay the bills

This would help pay the bills

It's heavy, don't run off with it Jack

The person holding this bar of gold is some one I cherish. It’s heavy, don’t run off with it Jack

Gold has been the ultimate treasure that man has craved for. In Australia, and many other countries, the discovery of gold created a mad rush to find and dig up a fortune. Some did get lucky and made a fortune that changed their life. Many others left the gold fields empty-handed and broken-hearted.

This man got lucky.

This man got lucky.

This is in modern-day Outback Australia and this bloke used a metal detector to search for gold. He certainly struck treasure, look at the size of that nugget. He estimated it would be worth over $1000. Good days work.

licart lagoon 002_2448x3264


Today in Photography 101 Michelle would like us to show her a treasure.

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7 thoughts on “Photography 101 : Treasure

  1. Money used to have a value in gold (some even had gold in them). Now it’s linked to the debt system instead.

  2. oh wow!!! that is a large nugget this guy found – how cool! and I really like the clarity in the heating and pouring shots – I can feel the heat –

    • I was surprised that there was still nuggets that size just laying around

      • I know! and there are a few places in the States where one can pan handle for gold from some streams – and we “heard” some nuggets have been found too. and there is an episode of my favorite show (Monk) where someone “hid” all their gold by melting it down and using it like ink – and then wrote with it to hide it – lol – and this post reminded me of that! ❤

        • Now that is certainly an unusual way to hide your gold.

          • I agree – ! and wonder if it would really work – but I think the show used to harvest historical stories for theme ideas – so it may have really happened in that area (San Francisco) during the gold rush – so who knows!!

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