Weekly Photo Challenge : Gone but not forgotten

Matilda was our constant companion for 4 years, she was our accommodation and transport taking us on journeys of discovery around Australia. We sold her a year ago and though she has gone, she will never be forgotten.



More photos of Matilda and the good times we had together, click here.


The hard drive is full of thousands of photos from those 4 years, so though they are gone they will never be forgotten.

Broome, in Western Australia, is one of those dream destinations. Warm, tropical climate, laid-back relaxed atmosphere. Gorgeous sunsets.

The tropical sunsets draw the tourists to Cable Beach to congregate in groups, drinking wine and sharing food it is a festive occasion.

Cable Beach Divers t 055_3072x2304

Going to watch the sunset

Some watch the sunset from the back of a camel.

Some catch the moment from a boat

Some catch the moment from a boat


Robucks Broom 018_3264x2448


But scenes like this will never be forgotten and just looking at these photos I am transported back to those magical days.


In today’s WordPress challenge, show us what “gone, but not forgotten” means to you.

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 <a href=”http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/gone-but-not-forgotten/”>Gone, But Not Forgotten</a>

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30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Gone but not forgotten

  1. Oh, lovely! Photographs of past experiences can be a powerful memory trigger….

  2. Great interpretation of the theme.

  3. Lovely memories and beautiful shots – with much feeling. A car can really be memorable too – when we sold our read Nissan Cherry because we needed more space/a bigger car I was sad about it for a whole year…

    I love that first shot, especially – it’s dreamy.

    • Older vehicles seem to have so much more character than new ones and living almost full time in Matilda I really bonded with her, we were able to stay in so many off the beaten tracks with her and was very sad to see her go, but she went to good owners who I’m sure, will look after her.

  4. this is a lovely story and stunning photo, thank you x

  5. To be so unencumbered, and self sufficient… I noticed the solar panels – must have given you a wonderful sense of freedom. What a selection of photographs…. love the hammock 🙂 You have planted a seed…. 🙂

    • G’day fellow blogger and traveller, Pleased to have you drop by Liz. Those years of travelling with Matilda were so carefree, truly minimalist travel at it’s best. Taking part in these photo challenges is a great way for me to reminisce about those days, gone but never forgotten!!!!!

  6. Wow – I love the one with the camels

  7. sunsets on Cable Beach sound pretty amazing 🙂 ❤ love your photos and great take on the wpc 🙂

  8. What wonderful photos, what great memories…

    • Thanks Madoqua. I have my screen saver set to showing random photos and I often watch them, but sometimes I’m scratching my head to wonder where that scene was as it flashes past on the screen…

      • Yes, I had that problem too, but now I carry a small GPS unit with my camera so that I can check where they were taken on Google Earth. It’s so easy to use.

        • Now that sounds like a very good idea. Is it attached to your camera?

          • No, it is a separate unit, and will work with any camera. The GPS records your movements and the time, while cameras record photos and the time. With some simple software to link the two, photos are all georeferenced in seconds. I used it on my recent trip to South Africa and it worked like a dream. If you search on my Madoqua blogsite for GPS, I have a post on this very topic.

  9. RMW

    I hope the camels were enjoying themselves as much as the tourists… I love that photo!

  10. Great photos and great memories. These are fabulous for the theme 😀

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