Cow Country Mailboxes

I found these rather cute cows masquerading as mailboxes.

Madoqua over on “Have you ever” runs an ongoing challenge to find unusual mailboxes. Not too many out there, but now and again I find one.

Kempsy Cresant Head Gladston Smith Town JC 064_4000x2664

Waiting with a rather impatient stance.

Kempsy Cresant Head Gladston Smith Town JC 061_4000x2664

” Now where is that mailman?”

First unusual mailbox we had seen for quite a while, then suddenly in the same area we found another one.

Dorigo pc 057_3000x4000

Same, but different. I think this one is all bull…


If you see any unusual mailboxes you might like to add them to Madoqua’s collection. Click on the link and take time to have a look at the interesting and varied collection that bloggers have found around the world.

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20 thoughts on “Cow Country Mailboxes

  1. Pommepal, these are great! I do like the “All Bull” one 😆

    • We are always watching out for mailboxes and don’t see very many these days

      • It’s interesting, isn’t it? And I think they will get less and less. We are trying to reduce our delivered mail – we can’t quite get it down to none (yet!)

        • I think when you travel it is more convenient to have everything ie bills!!! sent to the email and paid via bpay or direct credit, so much easier…

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  3. I like your finds here – and they sure have some patina! 🙂
    I also agree that they are hard to find. and in the States – many new homes are built with community mail areas that you drive to – and unlock your box among hundreds of others.

    anyhow, had to share a mailbox from Cocoa Beach FL – a manatee – the sea cows of the Atlantic! 🙂

    and it is sad down there in what is called “the space coast” because NASA shut down in that area and well, it is economically hurting.
    and in this photo = well this is beach front property and just look at the sign….

  4. These are all so fun – makes me want to build a mail box, even though the mail doesn’t reach my area!

  5. How cool! I saw an unusual one just the other day – an old microwave!

  6. How quirky!

  7. I just love these!

  8. What a riot these are. Moo-mail -brightens the gloomiest mood.

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