Travel Theme : Mischievous

As I took an early morning

 stroll along Clairview Beach, a small isolated spot along the Queensland coast, I spotted this dog.

Clairview Beach

Clairview Beach

She was all alone and she spotted me.

Clairview SX40 pc 019_4000x3000

She grabbed a handy stick and came running toward me.

Clairview SX40 pc 020_4000x3000

“Please play” she seems to be saying, with mischief in her eyes.

Who could refuse that appealing look.

Clairview SX40 pc 029_4000x3000

She stayed and played with me for a while. Then sat down, exhausted. “Enough’s enough” she seemed to say, as she sat and watched me as I went on my way.


christchurch 089_2448x3264

Jack, in a mischievous mood, couldn’t resist giving this maiden a cuddle. I think she gave him the cold shoulder


Ailsa is asking us to get up to mischief this week. Why not join in?

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6 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Mischievous

  1. What a darling wee dog 🙂

    • I don’t know where she came from but there was a number of beach baches along the beach she seemed to know her way around

  2. what a sweetheart dog – and the enough is enough sitting shot feels like the pup is posing!! and jakc behind the art – nice take on the word for the travel theme


    • It was a lovely morning having the company of that little dog, actually not so little in girth, she had quite a tummy roll…

  3. I love that picture of Jack but I love your comment even more!

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