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Pinjara to Harvey Gardens pc 019_2448x3264


Pinjara to Harvey Gardens pc 044_3264x2448

In the early, pioneering days these intrepid workers forged the growth of Australia by building the railways and maintaining them to keep the industry of the gold fields and agriculture moving.

Now these are all museum pieces.

Pinjara to Harvey Gardens pc 014_3264x2448

Pinjara to Harvey Gardens pc 022_3264x2448


It is a different type of machinery that now fuels the mining industry. These modern giants are keeping Australia’s economy buoyant in a world floundering in debt and despair.

Superpit tour PC 009_3264x2448

Superpit tour PC 019_3264x2448

Digging ever deeper into the earth they search for the gold that has laid buried for millions of years.

Can you see those behemoth trucks? They look like dinky toys as they trundle their loads, 24 hours a day every day of the year, back to be sifted and searched for the miniscule amount of gold in each huge truckload.

“Based in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, The Super Pit produces up to 850,000 ounces of gold every year and its operation far outweighs any other mining centre in Australia. The Super Pit is the biggest gold open pit mine in the country.  Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s famous landmark will eventually stretch 3.6 kilometres long, 1.6km wide and go down to a depth of more than 600m. What had once been the Golden Mile, was named the Fimiston Open Pit, which in turn has become commonly known as the Super Pit.”


Burrup peninsular to Robe riv jc 017_2726x1953

Burrup peninsular to Robe riv jc 004_3072x2304

Burrup peninsular to Robe riv jc 012_760x656

But that is not all the story as this industry is situated in a very sensitive and sacred Aboriginal site.

LNP Gas Robe riv pc 001_3264x2448

This is how close it is.


“This site is considered by Anthropologists and Archaeologists to possibly contain the largest collection of Petroglyphs (rock carvings) in the world, estimated numbers range from 500,000 to one million individual motifs. It is also unique because it contains many styles of artwork and representations laid down over period from recent times to approximately 30,000 years ago, providing a social and ecological timeline spanning through the last ice age some 17,000 years ago.” (An interesting article in the Australian Geographic about these rock carvings can be seen here.)


Ailsa has asked us to be industrious this week and these are just 3 of the many interesting industries we saw when travelling around Australia. Go here to find more industries all around the world.

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17 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Industry

  1. wow pomme, you have seen some interesting industries – the super pit has me most in awe – and the train shots- I like the lighting – and that first one u can feel the dust – wonderful.
    and by chance i was able to see you – little itty bit to the right in the rock art photo on the right – I am glad I clicked on the larger versions – and that is cool art!!

    • The story behind the “super pit” and the man, Alan Bond, that created it is quite a story Y.
      You have sharp eyes Yvette, yes that is me. Jack scrambled up the rocks looking for rock art to photograph and caught me pottering about down below!!!

      • well I would have missed that lil’ ol pic of you – but I wanted to see the rock art better and so I clicked – and now I wonder how much more I am missing when folks post collages – I am making a note to click on some of them more often. 🙂
        thanks for the link – I think i will have a peek

  2. Wow, most interesting! But how far will this eventually encroach into the Aboriginal land?

  3. Such an informative post PP. I wonder what impact all this mining and gas production is having on your beautiful country.

    • Not good in the areas they are mining. But I guess it is a 2 edged sword without the industry we would not have a strong economy. Though the mining industry is slowing down with the Chinese growth rate slowing. That is starting to affect our economy now.

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  6. Excellent images, pommepal.

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