Weekly Photo Challenge : Depth

 In the red heart of the Western Australian outback where the earth is being torn apart to retrieve the abundant mineral riches that have lain buried for millennia, in an area called “The Pilbara”, can be found Karijini National Park. The rugged grandeur of the Gorges, it’s beautiful waterfalls and sparkling rock pools are in stark contrast to the surrounding bleak red, dusty landscape.

Karijina pc 093_3264x2448

The few ghost gums line the dusty track, the dry grasses are tainted a blood-red. This is the start of the track to Weano Gorge.

Karijina pc 096_3264x2448

The land opens before us and drops into the depths of  some of Earth’s oldest rock formations (over 3 billion years old).  Some of the world’s oldest surface rocks, including the ancient fossilised remains known as stromatolites and rocks such as granites are found here.

Karijina pc 140_2448x3264

The vertical granite rock face towers above us as we carefully make our way along the base. The boulders are slippery.

Karijina pc 141_2448x3264

It is a challenging tramp. We inch along ledges and squeeze through narrow slot canyons, with towering walls of banded iron rock rearing above us, we clutch at protruding rocks to keep our balance.

Karijina pc 130_3264x2448

Look very carefully and you will see Jack’s backside disappearing around a rock just above the water line. Have you spotted him?

Karijina pc 145_2448x3264

Now we have to wade along the edge of this pool, waist deep, feeling for submerged rocks, heading for that slot in the far wall. I am now getting way out of my depth.

karijini hand rail pool_3264x2448

As I reach this spectacular and unforgettable place I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds me.

Australia is a land of such contrasts and this is one of those special places that take some effort to reach, but once seen it will live in my memory for ever.


WP challenge this week, whether visually or emotionally, this week let’s dig (or dive) deep.

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Depth

  1. Stunning colours. What a magnificent place 🙂

  2. Now this is the Australia I love to read about – where the landscape is very different to our own. You certainly are an adventurous couple! The photos remind me of the area around Alice – the MacDonnell ranges and Standley Chasm, where fortunately we just looked up from the bottom 🙂

  3. Wow, very impressive trek!! Looks well worth the effort. Thanks for sharing a place i will probably never experience!

    • It is rather off the beaten track Tina. But the local bloke who took out small groups in his 4 wd was very upset because “they” are going to upgrade and seal the road so, he says, the large tourist buses will get in. Large groups, I think, will spoil the atmosphere.

  4. Nice colours, love the reflection.

  5. very very kewl 😎

  6. Very beautiful rock formations. They are so very red and vibrant, standing strong throughout time. Hope to make the trip to WA someday to see them for myself 🙂

    • G’day Mabel, those rock formations are truly amazing. I hope you get to see them one day, it will be a memorable experience

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