Travel Theme : Doors

I love oriental doors they are so colourful, especially the ones into the temples.

These are samples of Korean temple doors.

temple door_1536x2048

1942 double doors_2304x3072

When they are open you can see Buddha, serene and golden.

temple door open_1536x2048

The doors in Thailand are covered in gold and more ornate than the Korean ones.

324 door releaf figures_2119x2754

In the back streets of Bangkok this craftsman was proud to show us this door created for the English football club Chelsea. 

147 man with caved door_2304x2244

149 doors outside wood st0rage room_3072x2304

He’d also made doors for Arsenal and Liverpool.

Doors are endlessly interesting, wondering about the stories and lives that have unfolded behind them.


We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things,

because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Walt Disney

Follow Ailsa through all the doors around the world she has opened this week.

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14 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Doors

  1. Love the Korean door. Closest I have come to that beautiful art-work was on a Pavilion from Korea which stands in VanDusen Garden, Vancouver.

    I forget that you have travelled extensively, so used to seeing and enjoying your Australian travels. Who were the football doors for? The clubs themselves, or for fans in Thailand?

    • It is very unique designs and colours. Thank goodness I travelled extensively during the 1980’s and 90’s, I think it may have been easier travelling back then and of course it is always easier when you are younger… The doors where being sent back to UK for the clubs

      • The 80s and 90s were when I did my least travelling, busy raising 4 children on my own and I had no time and even less money! But the last 15 years have been very good so no complaints from me. There will be many places that I won’t get to now, but at least it is much easier to travel in a virtual world than it was then!

  2. Reblogged this on The Legion of Door Whores and commented:
    cool door post by PP

    • Thank you for the reblog Yvette it is an honour that you have shared these images

      • well you should really join the for blog my friend – because I also forgot about your travel days and all the images you have in role – or the places you are going to be seeing too – and adrian’s door blog is just a community share – maybe not your thing but do check it out on his home page there..

  3. these are so unusual – and love the color and the smiling dude made it fun too – so nice pomme ❤

  4. Wow, so much work in each of those doors. They are lovely

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