Bench Series February : Black and White #1

Richmond pc 007 B&W_3000x4000

This month Jude has challenged us to show the benches in black and white.

Not easy for me as I find it hard to visualise without colour. I chose this photo as it has 8 and a bit benches. I would prefer to have the people walking into the picture, or may be I should’ve waited a bit longer for them to move right out of the frame.

Jude has given us a list of all the years monthly challenges (check them here). Very good idea as I can find the benches tucked away in all the different folders, as I look through for other challenges, and pop them into a folder for future use.

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9 thoughts on “Bench Series February : Black and White #1

  1. Lovely in monochrome!

  2. Lots of benches here PP and a good strong contrast with the light and shadow. Good to know that the theme list is useful 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Jude and also thank you for the link to the last bench post. I like to be organised so really appreciate the monthly list

  3. well I give this photo two thumbs up. Before I even read your words – I summed up the shot. My favorite part were the people to the right. the way you grabbed the angel of the benches leads to the eye right to the people and then back to the rich and tasty contrast of the main benches.

    so then I read your words – and was surprised by two things. first – surprised that I missed all those other benches – how cool.

    and surprised that you were chewing on the people and what you captured – because I think it really was spot on. having them exactly where they are is interesting – the tall dude with the hat – the two ladies – in a cation and just a nice street portrait feel – and then the center white pants contrasts with the two folks to the side – there is harmony with the three folks – and then in the while frame we have harmony with this long triangle going back format he benches.
    and then you give us shadow – and lines! oh I think I need to go and sit on that bench right now. ha!

    • I love how you “critique” this photo Y. I’m so pleased that you tell me your feelings about it. I think you are right, with out the people it would be rather lifeless. Actually I did not notice all the other benches when I originally took the photo, only when I changed it to B & W they seemed to pop into the picture.

      • it is so cool how changing the tone can show us stuff. and just a side note – I did not say the photo would be lifeless without the people – well it would be people -less – ha! but it still would have a good energy and it would just have ha d different feel. Or it would have had a different feel if they were located somewhere else – or like you said – if they coming in rather then going away…. cos as we both know – so many little things change the flavor – and I liked how you shared your chewing on thoughts with the picture because it helped me to get into a bit more – funny how it is all a circle…
        🙂 ❤

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