Weekly Photo Challenge : Scale

Katherine gorge pc 060_3264x2448

The Katherine River flows majestically through the towering red cliffs of the Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge). It is an overwhelming experience to float along in a tourist boat gazing up at these  ancient sandstone cliffs. It is very hard to convey the enormity of this landscape in a photograph, but catching some people in the shot helps. These 2 are walking the trail along the edge of the escarpment and have stopped for a swim. Can you see them both?

Now I don’t think I would be swimming in these waters in the tropical Northern Territory, look what we saw round the next corner…

Katherine gorge pc 086_3264x2448

This is a fresh water crocodile and is not dangerous, but his big brother, the fearsome salty, may be lurking somewhere in the murky depths of this river. The rangers regularly patrol the river, and have traps stationed along the banks so they can catch and remove any they find. But I would always be wary of the one they may miss!!!!


to mt isa jc 053_2478x1925Here is another monster of the Australian outback, the notorious road train. They dwarf our camper van and when you spot 2 coming from both directions the safest thing to do is get out of their way. They thunder past and the road shakes, they can roar along up to 120 kilometres an hour. Jack took this photo of me taking a photo of this road train.


bunya 2 pc 010_2448x3264

This is another Australian monster. This time it is a tree, the strangler fig. Starting as a seed dropped by a bird into the top branches of a host tree, it germinates and slowly and insidiously extends its roots down and through the branches of its host, twining and clutching as it goes. Eventually it encircles the host tree in a grasp of death, squeezing and growing, it will eventually, over many years, kill the host tree. Finally the host tree decays and rots away and the fig tree remains in its place a lacy, hollow testament to the ruthlessness of nature.

Jack climbed inside to give an idea of the scale of this brutal tree. Don’t stay there too long Jack…




Double trouble

Double trouble

On a lighter note I couldn’t resist taking this photo of these 2 waiting outside the pub for their owner to finish his drink.

walking through a field of dreams

walking through a field of dreams

Jack gives an idea of the expansive fields of wild flowers that cover vast areas of land in Western Australia.


The scale of  ideas in this weeks challenge will be endless, click here to see them all

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23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Scale

  1. When we lived in Darwin in the 1980s there were waterholes in Kakadu where we would swim regularly whenever we went camping. I wouldn’t do it now though. Great series of photos.

    • G’day… pleased to hear from you. I remember swimming in the beautiful pool at the bottom of the Gunlom Falls in Kakadu. We were assured there were no crocodiles there, but I was still very cautious and didn’t stay in long…

  2. All the pics are beautiful

  3. Great gallery with various scales! Love the dog of course – and that tree! Hopefully he came out unstrangled?

  4. Great photos and interpretations of the prompt.

  5. powerhouse244

    I really enjoyed the variety of beautiful Australia – and I would not want to swim there either. Some favorite things are the little signs and street behind the cute doggies – but ha – those pups sure were fun together – they look like they are posing by looking the same way. and that tree – well some story! brutal is right – and could feel the truck thunder a bit with the large vie wot hem in that shot….

  6. All brilliant examples of scale PP. And YOU did get a shot of a BIG dog and a LITTLE dog!
    //Snap a picture of naturally occurring elements, like a Great Dane and Chihuahua together at the dog run.// How cool is that!

  7. Great choices, but I truly love the 2 dogs!

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  9. all very kewl 😎

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