Bench Series February : Black & White #2

red bus tour 070 bnw

This week I am taking you back to Hobart in Tasmania where I found this delightful setting.

 Jude of “Travel Words” is hosting a weekly bench series challenge. Each month she gives us a different caption. This month it is to show benches in black and white.

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18 thoughts on “Bench Series February : Black & White #2

  1. This looks very English! I know those trees aren’t eucalypts, but what are they? Silver Birch?
    That’s a very nicely shaped bench too, a good place to sit and read.

    • Yes you are right Jude they are silver birches and they were in the grounds of the “Women’s correctional centre” in Hobart, now a living museum.

  2. Lovely setting!

  3. Love, love, love the Silver Birches… well any Birches…. my favourite tree and an old family name of mine… What a wonderful place to sit and contemplate, and sadly, those women must have had a lot of time to contemplate, but at least they had a nice place to sit. Fitting black and white photo in the series.

    • Thank you for the comment I also love silver birches and when I lived in NZ I planted a group of 3 at the end of our garden, 25 years ago. I would love to see them now. I don’t think those birches and the seat would’ve been there when it was used for incarcerating women back in the 1800’s. They have been put there for the tourists to sit and contemplate what it might have been like.

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  5. Beautiful Pauline!

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