Bench Series : February Black & White #3

Ross Camble Town pcsx40 089_4000x3000

A small Tasmanian village of Campbell Town has a population of approx 800 of which the largest proportion would be retirees. We increased that number by 2 when we stopped to wander along the heritage walk. There are an abundance of colonial buildings that have been well-preserved, among them these 2 churches.

Ross Camble Town pcsx40 035_3351x2982

We were pleased to find these benches in a handy place to sit for a rest.


Click here and join Jude in her weekly search around the world for benches

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23 thoughts on “Bench Series : February Black & White #3

  1. Lovely! The first one has beautiful contrasting tones and the second one has Jack!! I still find it hard to get my head around these bare tree photos from Australia.

  2. well I have not had much luck finding a bench shot this month – but there is still time!

    and in your photo -w / Jack on the bench – love it. the fence also leads right up to it and was a nice choice for black and white.
    very nice.

    • Thanks Y, another excuse to go walking with your camera. You have a very interesting area you live in. I’ve not done much with B & W and I’m finding it interesting to see how it changes the perspective

      • same here – I want to do more with b & w – and last year I had fun with the sepia challenge for a little while – but never really B & w- so I do hope to find a bench before I leave (I am getting ready to take a trip to see my mom and I am going to try and be unplugged while gone – and won;t be back tip March….) –
        and your bench with Jack is just fun! lol – I also notice him in different shots – like behind the sand art one too – I like how you guys include cameo shots – 🙂 ❤ ,3

        • Lovely for you to visit your Mom, how far away does she live? Jack and I are both photography fanatics and I must admit I really am not too happy when he sneaks me into his photos, I usually censor them and ban him from putting them in his posts… Jack is very happy for me to put him in a photo…

          • haha 0 that is fun that you have to draw boundaries with it. lol –
            and my mum is about 700 miles away (a fe estates) and I am extra excited because I have straight thru flights. For exome reason with all the airline cutbacks it has been hard to get straight thru flights down south – even short flights usually have a layover in atlanta or NY – and so to get straight through flights is a gift. truly…
            well have a nice day – and I have a few more pasts to share before I leave – well two for sure- maybe a third…
            Hugs to you dear Pomme ❤

            • Will look forward to our next conversations and always look forward to your posts. Have a great time with your Mom…

            • well thanks – and I wish I like to go a little earlier in February – but the whole trip is turning out to be lining up with many things – love when that happens.
              and have a great rest of your day

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  4. Isn’t Campbell Town gorgeous. Did you see all the bricks on the footpath with the names of convicts on them. We walked along and read all the information for ages. Nice photos…that bench is perfect for a rest.

  5. How very dare Jude call Jack ‘some odd character’???? 🙂 🙂 🙂 He’s a handsome chap! (currying favour for not visiting often enough)

    • Ha ha, I will pass your remarks on to Jack, like all men (and women) he loves compliments…You are always welcome in my corner whenever you can make it Jo

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