Weekly Photo Challenge : Walls

When Cheri asked us to share a wall that reveals something about a person or place, this image sprang immediately to mind.

Well here is Arno, a “fair dinkum” Aussie eccentric bloke that has spent a life-time constructing this wall, his tribute to junk,  in the far away town of Winton. This iconic outback town is also home to camel races, dinosaur relics, boulder opal, a musical fence and must not forget to have a beer at the North Gregory Hotel where Banjoe Patterson first performed the famous Aussie poem “Waltzing Matilda”.

So I present to you (tongue firmly in cheek)…..

Winton Arnoes wall

Winton Arnoes wall

Winton Arnoes wall

Winton Arnoes wall pc A720 015_3264x2448

Winton Arnoes wall pc A720 016_3264x2448

Winton Arnoes wall pc A720 014_3264x2448

Winton Arnoes wall pc A720 018_3264x2448

Winton Arnoes wall pc A720 013_3264x2448

Arno is now 82 years old and still lives in the house behind the wall A walk round to the front and you see his

“piece d’ resistance”

Winton Arnoes wall

Winton Arnoes wall pc A720 026_3192x2164

 This would be one of the most unusual walls I have come across.

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18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Walls

  1. Ah, yes, there are some odd Aussies in the outback 😉

  2. Definitely one of a kind! I sent the link to my son and his wife, who live in Australia, so they could stop by if ever they travel near this town.

  3. Yes, that has to win for most unusual wall! There’s a monastery in Alabama, USA where a lay worker spent his life building a shrine of a small city of churches and crosses and gardens and figures out of things like coke bottle caps, broken glass, stones,etc. I figure it was a zen kind of thing for him.

    Fun post. You have a wonderful diversity in your posts and a great tongue in cheek kind of humor.

  4. What a very interesting recycled wall. That is worth sharing.

  5. most unusual wall I have ever seen as well – and your different photos really give us a feel for it – like the “piece d’ resistance” too – but wow – you find the coolest stuff P

  6. What a fun person & place!

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