Bench Series : April, bench with a view…

Busselton To Yalling up PC x35 140_4000x3000

pc cruise day 1 012_3264x2448


Guess where I found this one Jude????

I’ve been busily looking for benches for the past couple of weeks. They are every where. I have plenty to keep me going for a while Jude. Pop over to see what benches with views other followers of Jude’s challenge have found this week.

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15 thoughts on “Bench Series : April, bench with a view…

  1. what a wonderful bench and a great view!

  2. Plenty of different views from a bench on a boat!

  3. Due to WP’s infinite wisdom I have been unfollowed from you……Been dying to read about your cruise!

  4. I assume the bench on the ship was taken in the harbour at Sydney. I’m rather taken by the bench with a view though – where is that one? I thought I’d already commented on this, but obviously looked but didn’t write!

    • Yes saw bench as we pulled away from Sydney and couldn’t resist taking it for you Jude. The other bench was taken in WA

  5. the composition in each are both so diverse yet so similar. and there first one has that interesting informal “triangle” that sometimes enriches a shot – and in this case I found that the base of the bench – with the cool boards – pulled me in – but the bird and left fence post bring us full circle – to then rest our eyes on the water. In contrast, we have the city scape behind the boxy bench – on deck – and just love the feel of these two paired (you know I love your work)

    • Thanks Y you really have a great eye for the detail, you see things with a fresh perspective, makes me go and look at my photos again… Jude has really got me going with this challenge…

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