Bench Series : April “Bench with a view”

For my last April bench, in Jude’s series, I have chosen another bench with Jack sitting on it. He does tend to like sitting on these benches. This time he is sketching the view as it spreads out to the horizon.

bunya 2 pc 008_3264x2448

We had just set off on our round Australia journey back in 2010 and we had walked through the beautiful Bunya National Park to this look out. These photos and the sketch bring back so many memories. To see more of this beautiful area follow this link.

bunya 2 pc 006_3264x2448

This is the view…

sketch 001

And this is the sketch…

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17 thoughts on “Bench Series : April “Bench with a view”

  1. beautiful surroundings and beautiful view

  2. I really love the triad – up view of jack in action – down view of this majestic sight – and then the sketch – prefect!

    • Thanks Y, Jack goes into right brain mode when sketching and is quite oblivious to everything around him. After the walk up there I was quite happy to just take photos then sit and enjoy the view.

  3. So lovely PP. I love the look of concentration on Jack’s face and I love that you included the actual sketch – he’s a very talented man. So glad you managed to get this view in on time 🙂

    • When he is sketching he is totally absorbed, a herd of elephants could roar by and he wouldn’t hear them!!! Enjoying your challenge Jude. I have lots of benches at the beach for next month…

      • I am sure you have PP – so many gorgeous beaches around you 🙂

        • Just went down today to see if the beach had changed after we had been away, and no it is still there….

          • You back from NZ then? Hope your garden is OK after all the odd weather that appears to have hit the east coast – though maybe it missed your bit.

            • Yes we have been back 3 days Jude and the garden is fine. This corner missed all the bad weather and just enough rain to keep all the plants happy. Though we have a weather event bearing down on us and due tomorrow, very heavy rain…

            • Stay safe PP 🙂

            • Thank you, we are having a “weather event” torrential rain forecast for the next few days with flash flooding. It is usually further north than here though…

  4. Love the photo of Jack on the bench. Thank you for sharing this. 🌵

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