Weekly Photo Challenge : Forces of Nature in New Zealand

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The roar of the gushing waters is overwhelming as the mighty Waikato River cascades over the Huka Falls on its way to the ocean. A force of nature that is harnessed to provide almost 15% of New Zealand’s power supply.

Another force of nature in New Zealand is the geothermal power that gushes up from the ground and is captured and contained in pipes to supply more energy for the power-hungry population.

Taupo thermal pc sx40 013_4000x3000

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Forces of Nature in New Zealand

  1. scrapydotwo

    I love the color of the Waikato River. Perfect examples of forces in nature and human use of the forces

  2. how interesting that the dale is eroding things down and well – I liked reading the sign (like I was there!)
    the geothermal power shot is perfect for this challenge too – and the lines in that shot are nice – the tubes and smoke have a nice contrast

    • It was also VERY noisy in both places, almost overpoweringly so.

      • wow – hearing that changes how I see the photos – and it makes sense – you would think it would be thunderous – yet the first time I saw the pics the purdy color and nature feel did not make me think loud. but now I see it all so different – hm….

  3. Good choice PP. I too love the colour of that water. Ah, so much more I have to see of NZ.

  4. How beautiful. My father died in New Zealand on this way back from Antarctica to the USA. It was his second trip through New Zealand and he said it was the most beautiful place on earth. It was a great consolation to me that he died where he said it was most like his idea of heaven.My brother has visited there and agreed.

    Love getting to see more of it. thanks

    • I agree with your father it is beautiful. I lived there for nearly 40 years and still have a son and daughter over there, so plenty of excuses to visit regularly.

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