Bench Series : May, at the beach

clairview pc 023_3264x2448

Is it a bench or is it a seat? Maybe it is just a piece of bench-shaped drift wood…

But it is definitely at the beach…


Jude hosts a monthly bench challenge with a different theme each month. This is the last of May’s “at the beach”. For June it is benches with an art effect. Do you have one you can show Jude?

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10 thoughts on “Bench Series : May, at the beach

  1. What an eye you have. Definitely a beach seat.

  2. Loveliness Pauline!

  3. And where is this beach? With trees in the sea? It could do with a bit of a sweep, all that dead leaf and twigs make walking on it a bit uncomfortable. I could volunteer… :!

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  5. Wow, bench or driftwood I don’t know, but its beautiful!

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