Travel Theme : Tangled

Look for the Hobbits...

Look for the Hobbits…

Have you ever walked through a rainforest?

It is a tangle of green and brown. The branches pushing and reaching for the light while the roots of the strangler vine snake their way down, grasping and choking anything that gets in their way and lianas twist and turn their way up through the dense foliage. Over everything the mosses drape and drip in thick profusion. The light is dim and shadowy, unseen creatures can be heard shuffling through the thick undergrowth. The mood is charged with menace and an odour of decay pervades the air.

The light from above

The light from above

Suddenly a ray of sun pierces the canopy and spears down providing light and life to the struggling plants on the forest floor and the sweet clear call of a bird breaks the silence.


Travel Theme : Tangle

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23 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Tangled

  1. Truly beautiful Pauline!

  2. Great description and the photo of light is amazing. I spent a lot of time in south coast rainforest a few years ago and I found photos invariably disappointing. Yours are great.

  3. Wow! I have never experienced a rainforest myself…

  4. jmcguin7

    Australia is a magical place! Lovely photos.

  5. is that the call of the eastern whip bird then PP? I loved hearing this bird in the northern suburbs Sydney and I am sure that is what my D-i-L called it.

    • You are right Jude, a rather small brown bird with such a magnificent call

      • I only managed to see one in an enclosure in the zoo, but heard plenty.

        • I’ve only seen it once in the rainforest in the hinterland behind the GC. A place I would strongly recommend you visit if you get this way.

  6. Ah, the whip bird. How I do love thee! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Beautiful!

  8. Pomme – great take on the tangle – and I have not been to the rainforest – and so I liked the video too – but I did walk through some dense forests in northern Cal – but nothing like the rainforests

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