Bench Series : Last day of May at the beach…

stormy beach pc 051_3264x2448

Just time for one more bench at the beach. Notice the shape of this bench? It is shaped like a surf board as the Gold Coast is one of the top surfing beaches in Queensland.

Tomorrow is the first day of winter in this land down under…


Jude hosts a monthly bench challenge with a different theme each month. This is the last of May’s “at the beach”. For June it is benches with an art effect. Do you have one you can show Jude?

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12 thoughts on “Bench Series : Last day of May at the beach…

  1. What a great idea for a bench! Love this shot

    • The council have put lots of benches all along the beachfront. Every morning at 7am a council worker has to wash them as they are below Norfolk Pines and hundreds of very noisy lorikeets perch in them at night.

  2. Oh that doggie is adorable!

  3. This will do double duty for October’s occupied bench! How cold does winter get where you are? Surf boards are a good shape. Bodalla has a restaurant with surfboard seats.

    • Yes it could, but I have lots of occupied benches, mainly with Jack!!!! I don’t think iy gets very cold here, but fair dinkum Queenslanders complain when it gets down to about 8C during the day, and they positively freeze at 4C during the night….

  4. A little study in companionship. Lovely.

  5. What a lovely spot for a chat – though that bench doesn’t look as if it would be all that comfortable.

    • They’re not too bad. The council workers scrub all the bird droppings off them every morning as 100’s of lorikeets nest in the Norfolk Pines above the benches.

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