Bench Series : June, Art Effects…

I’m new to the Ipad and the apps you can get on them so this week I tried a couple of them out. First I had to work out how to get my photos from the computer to the Ipad then back again. After a bit of head scratching I finally put the photo in an e-mail that I sent to myself, then opened it in my e-mail on the Ipad and saved it to the photo gallery, worked on it then sent it back via the e-mail.

Water colour effect.

Water colour effect.

I used an app called “Waterloque” for this effect. Very easy, just select then watch it magically change before your eyes…

Dark and moody.

Dark and moody.

Next I used “snap seed”, put a vignette round, then experimented with all the settings and have to admit I can’t remember what this final effect I used was…

This is the original

This is the original

Jude hosts a “bench series“. Take a look at benches found by observant bloggers from around the world.

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26 thoughts on “Bench Series : June, Art Effects…

  1. Bonjour Pommepal,

    Excellent first effort – With all this lovely technology there is so much to discover. Looking forward to seeing much more.



    • Thanks Dan it was quite amazing how easy it was to use, especially as I normally use Photoshop Elements.

  2. The effects are amazing!! I especially love the watercolor

  3. Watercolour for me! Well done with your early experimenting!

  4. Beautiful instant art!!!

  5. Sounds a tricky process, Pauline, but worthwhile. I love your watercolour! So delicate and pretty 🙂

  6. Watercolour is the winner – so pretty! I haven’t time to spend using masks and layers etc to alter an image, but I love using the presets in applications and you still need to have a good feeling for what works and what doesn’t. All these images are good probably because of that lovely agave in the foreground! Thanks for another lovely bench PP 🙂

  7. I love exploring the different effects on my iPad. Figuring it all out is really worth the effort in the end Well done 😀

  8. The first looks like a water color. Amazing. What fun!

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  10. Why haven’t I been here before?

  11. My choice is the water color!

  12. I love the watercolour!

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