Bench Series June : Art Effects…


This one only just qualifies for the bench series. Do you see the bench tucked in the background?

I have only done a minor touch up with this one. I used Photoshop Elements edge finding filter then adjusted the lighting.


After touch-up…


This is the original un-touched image.



This sculpture is the work of the famous Australian artist Norman Lindsay (22 February 1879 – 21 November 1969). He was both proficient and prolific in pen and ink drawing, etching, woodcuts, watercolours and sculpture. Lindsay rejected Christianity, and his art depicts Bohemianism and Arcadian pantheism madly admixed in a fantasy world. As early as 1904 his work was deemed blasphemous. His studio and garden is a fascinating place to visit.


Jude hosts a “bench series“. Take a look at benches found by observant bloggers from around the world.

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9 thoughts on “Bench Series June : Art Effects…

  1. Ooh, cheeky!
    That lovely bench for one looks as if you can lie it down flat – just what I need. A snooze in the garden 🙂

  2. Loveliness Pauline!

  3. Now this edit is a big improvement, lovely!

  4. Very well done, Pauline. I love the touch-up (now that I’ve written that it sounds a bit saucy and goes with the picture) 😉 Norman Lindsay had incredible talent 🙂

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