Bench Series June : Art Effects



For June Jude has challenged us to show benches that we have adjusted to give them an artistic effect. So above is the original that I chose to “play” with.

  • First I cropped out the tree and flower trellis on the left.
  • Using Photo Shop Elements I applied “Paint Daubs” from the filters.
  • On top of that I used “accent edges”
  • Finally I adjusted the hue and saturation.

This is the final result…

red bus tour 070 enhanced bench

Thanks Jude for this June Bench Series, it has been fun and stretched my imagination. Now to look for some benches with unusual detail for July’s challenge.

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27 thoughts on “Bench Series June : Art Effects

  1. What fun! I love the effect. I’d love to see the second one as a plain foto too…….

  2. Nice shot.

  3. It’s been a real pleasure seeing what you (and others) do with art effects. I’m also very pleased when you spell out exactly what you’ve done, even if it sounds esoteric. I suspect you need to be an artist to achieve what you’ve done with this shot, rather than just a button-clicker, which is what I am.

    By the way, I’m getting added pleasure from your blog by viewing it at last on my laptop. I love the sunflower border. For me they’re the symbol of Broken Hill – I often kept a vase on my classroom desk.

  4. Well done. The effects are amazing 😉

  5. love it- looks like a real painting-so pretty

  6. What a fun effect!

    • I’ve just discovered light room Sue, it is amazing…But haven’t learnt how to do art effects with it yet.

  7. This beauty is frameable. Lucky you, so many silver birches!

    • They were in Tasmania Gilly, I love silver birches too but they do not grow well in this humid climate they need cold winters. I had them in my New Zealand garden.

  8. I have remarked on your silver birches before, this is such a lovely place and I like your editing. The cropping brings the bench closer to us and the paint effect brings out the texture of the bark. I think I like this one the best. Thanks for joining in PP 😀
    Jude xx

    • It was an interesting challenge Jude. I’ve enjoyed “playing” around with the photos. I have just down loaded a trial version of Light Room and I am hooked, it is amazingly easy and so many tutorials on YouTube. Have you tried it?

      • I tried Lightroom a few years ago, but found it quite complicated to use so I went back to Photoshop Elements. What I need to do is stop taking so many photos and concentrate on taking better photos and spending time on the post-processing. Once I am settled I will make more of an effort to learn the technicalities of photography!

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  10. It’s a lovely effect, and a lovely original photo too. 🙂

    • Thanks Elaine Silver Birch is one of my favourite trees, unfortunately they do not grow in the sub tropics, too hot for them… 😦

  11. Wonderful spot!

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