Weekly Photo Challenge : Inspiration

The beauty of nature, the wide and varied scenery, the wonder of what might be found around the next corner, or over the hill. The amazement of seeing birds and animals in their natural environment and the joy of meeting and, for a short time, sharing moments with strangers. These are just some of the things that inspire me to travel.


The road in the outback stretches endlessly across the Mitchell grass plains.

Suddenly a scene reminiscent of the time of the drovers from the pioneer days, unfolds as drovers on horse back herd cattle along the side of the road.


My dream of walking through the acres of wild flowers in Western Australia inspired me to travel thousands of miles to the other side of Australia.


But the unexpected joy was finding the dainty, small orchids nestled at the base of huge gum trees, and the huge diversity of colours and species of wild flowers to be found everywhere in this part of Australia.


Slowly driving to the top of The Great Dividing Range on roads that twisted and snaked around the Snowy Mountains. Then gazing in awe at the panorama that stretched in endless shades of blue and turquoise to the distant horizon


The contrast between these majestic mountains and the mighty Rainforests of the tropical north is breathtaking.


The peace and tranquillity of camping on the banks of the river and waking at dawn to watch as the mist slowly rises and the sun paints highlights on the trunks and casts reflections into the still waters.


All these memories and many more are saved in thousands of photographs and WordPress inspires me to create this blog and share them with the wonderful community of WP bloggers.

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21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Inspiration

  1. Sounds like some great inspiration, Pauline!

  2. I agree with every single comment – and your photos illustrate them beautifully!

  3. I rather thing YOU and your photos are inspiration for many people who want to travel – both young and old.

  4. That orchid is outstanding, what a wonderful sight!

  5. Very inspiring indeed. I feel like I’ve just travelled the length and breadth of Australia in a few glorious minutes 😀

  6. Oh, my country. It is indeed beautiful, and you’ve really spanned so many landscapes. The orchid especially caught my eye, but so did dawn on the riverbank and your description – exactly right. The sun does paint highlights. You almost make me sad that we head for home on Friday without going west to Broken Hill, but we’re both ready for our own place and space.

    • We do live in an amazingly diverse country and always somewhere new to discover. It was very hard to choose the few images. I put the orchid in for you Meg. How long will you be home?

      • Thank you for the orchid. I’m touched and delighted. Home mostly till next March, except for a week in Rylstone in October with an old friend who’ll just be back from a WA wildflower tour. She’s my orchid mate. Maybe a visit to Sydney if I can’t inveigle Sydney friends south, and an overnighter to Canberra. When do you start house-sitting?

        • September 14 till October 1. Gosh the year is flying by. Hope it was a good wild flower year for your friend. We had a bumper year in 2010 when we were there.

  7. These are lovely tings to inspire you. Awesome photos

  8. I can hear & see your passion for the natural world all through this post! It’s inspiring!


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