Bench Series : August, coloured benches

This month Jude wants to see photos of a bench that is painted or stained or otherwise coloured in some way. Not the plain wooden variety unless there is some colour detail

purple pub-2

Here’s Jack, sitting on a purple bench, with 2 friends, a mother and her son, he made in the outback of Australia at Normanton. We were at the famous “Purple Pub” an iconic watering hole.


purple pub-1-2

This humorous saying was pinned on the notice board inside the pub…

purple pub-1

I couldn’t resist taking a copy of it…

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23 thoughts on “Bench Series : August, coloured benches

  1. Oh, this is priceless. Coloured bench with colourful characters, I reckon. The poem made us both laugh out loud. Wonderful, thanks for sharing this.

  2. What a great poem!

  3. A great post – and you snuck in some corrugated iron too. Your posts are a delight, and do Australia proud.

  4. Pauline, that ditty is just a hoot…and your purple bench ticks the box. I haven’t seen a colourful bench yet

  5. Purple bench accepted. I liked Ruth’s comment – “…a coloured bench with colourful characters”! The poem missed out yellow which would make us into a rainbow! (And yellow could fit in after white as most newborns get jaundiced). Lovely entry this week PP 😀

    • Read it again and notice that yellow does appear! Doh!

      • I really think it is a good idea giving us the bench projects for the year (and isn’t it flying by) as I can squirrel all these benches away as I am looking for photos for other challenges. 32 already and only another 20 to go!!!!

        • I know the feeling! I am also dropping benches into a folder as I find them, I never realised I have so many – I could run this for another year, but I won’t 🙂

          • It must be very time consuming running a challenge series. Have you got any more ideas for next year?

            • I have a couple of thoughts, one for the flower blog, the other may just be my own project to improve my photography. As you say it does become time consuming and often late on a Saturday night I remember I haven’t added the picks of the week or scheduled the post! I think the picks could have been a bad idea, but I did want people to view other contributions and not everyone reads through all the comments.

            • I’m enjoying the bench series Jude so I will look forward to what you come up with next year.

    • Yes all the colours of the rainbow… (including yellow…)

  6. Oh Pauline that’s the funniest thing I’ve read for ages and a great bench full of great characters 😉

  7. Absolutely fantastic! I love this 😀

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