Time piece. Paula’s Thursday Special…

I am “saving time” this week Paula by reblogging this excellent post that Jack wrote over a year ago. He ponders on the telling of time and how it rules our life, and has some excellent photos to go with it.

I hope you take the time to read it….

Paula’s Thursday Special is a guest challenge this week. Debbie has chosen the subject of time.


Town hall clock brisbane. Town hall clock Brisbane.

The Grandfather Clock.

Faceing up to the times. Facing up to the times.

I am like the grandfather clock, obsolete. I have been ticking for a long time now. This old ticker of mine has pumped enough blood to fill a Lake Argyle. Round and round I go in the same old circles, repeating the same repetitive chimes everyone has heard before. I used to be more like an alarm clock, wind me up and I could be relied on to go off like crazy. Other people, not educated ornithologists, associate me with the cuckoo clock.

A bird in a clock is not worth one in the bush. A bird in a clock is not worth one in the bush.

Life was leisurely before we became so reliant on the chronometer. The rooster crowed and it roused us from dream land. It was time to think about what we needed to do that day. To put food on the table and protection from the…

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11 thoughts on “Time piece. Paula’s Thursday Special…

  1. 😀 You have made me smile with the “bird in the clock” quote. I remember those clocks from when I was little. I have enjoyed your contribution. Thank you Pauline.

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  4. Excellent!

  5. That’s handy having access to an in-house re-blogging source, and such a good one too 🙂

    • His posts are usually so different to my themes, but this one seemed very appropriate for the theme this week

  6. This is so typically Jack, Pauline! 🙂 I’m off to read the rest.

  7. I see why you chose to reblog this – it is a great piece and absolutely spot on for the theme. Thanks for joining in Pauline

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