Weekly Photo Challenge : Creepy…

Ned Kelly's death mask

Ned Kelly’s death mask

This is definitely the creepiest thing I have ever seen. It is the death mask of Ned Kelly and I had to take a photo of it.

I think all Australians have heard of Ned Kelly. He is part of our folk law, an infamous bush ranger.

Ned Kelly is an Australian legend. He epitomised many qualities that ordinary Australians admire. He was a larrikin, loyal to his family and ready to sacrifice himself for his mates. An underdog, he represented the struggling classes and thumbed his nose at the establishment. He was inventive, he was fearless and charismatic.

 Ned was barely educated, yet his famous letters were poetic and passionate. He killed police officers, was outlawed and could be shot on sight by anyone. Yet when he was sentenced to hang, more than 30,000 people signed a petition asking for a reprieve.

His famous last words as they hung him was “Such is life”…

If you are interested to read more of the Ned Kelly story click on this link.

Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly mail box, depicted in his famous armour.

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25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Creepy…

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  2. The death mask surely is one of the most creepy things I’ve seen in this week’s challenge so far! Not only is the mask itself creepy, but the whole idea behind it and the process I imagine it takes to produce it gives me jitters!

    • It was a very creepy feeling standing in front of that mask. Thank you for coming over for a look around my world. I appreciate you taking the time for a look and leaving a comment.

  3. You are endlessly inventive with the challenges. That mailbox made me smile.

  4. Defo creepy, Pauline!

  5. I’ve heard of him, didn’t Mick Jagger star in a film about him way back when? So was he a good guy or a bad guy? His death mask is very creepy – but I suppose anyone’s would be, it makes me shiver 🙂

    • Well it is actually very debateable whether ha was a good or bad guy. It was the circumstances of the law and corruption that turned his petty thieving into major bush ranger crimes and then to murder. I checked on Google and you have a good memory Gilly, Mick Jagger did play the part of Ned Kelly back in 1970, recently Heath Ledger played him too.

  6. VERY creepy. In fact I find the Ned Kelly paintings by Sidney Nolan a bit creepy too.

  7. He looks so ‘real’! Yikes, this is very creepy. And strangely enough he looks more like Sting than Mick Jagger 😀

  8. Quite strange seeing the real face of a legend. Thanks for sharing this- he looks quite content doesn’t he?

  9. I’ve even heard of him way over here in the States. 🙂 I agree the mask is creepy but I find the armor mailbox amusing.


  10. I love that mail box 🙂 Great examples of creepy, Pauline.

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