Travel Theme : Gleaming


The brasses on the harness have been lovingly polished to a high gleam.


What child can resist a ride on these gleaming horses. Do you remember them from your childhood? Rhythmically going round and round to the sound of old-time organ music.


The living statue gives off a golden glow as he waits for donations from the crowds in Surfer’s Paradise.


The morning sun captures the gleam in the Kookaburra’s eye and beak. Even lights up his claws.

Finally the golden glow of the sun highlights a lining of silver gleaming along the edge of the cloud.


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20 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Gleaming

  1. Oh but you have assets no one else does, the Kookabura for instance, and so much more in Aussie land. Your living horses photo is beautiful, and the sunset is ridiculously good. You are a very talented woman.
    I rode the carousels of course as a child, as did my children.
    But I also rode living horses, as did my children. They can’t possibly compare can they?
    It is all wonderful, this life of ours, isn’t it.
    Be well.

  2. I can’t keep up with your 2 blogs, Pauline! πŸ™‚ You have a lifetime of wonders to choose from but who could go past that sunset? πŸ™‚

  3. Gleaming indeed, Pauline. This is a very uplifting gallery all round, although polished horse brasses were a bit of a joke when I was growing up. We had some hanging beside the fireplace, and every week my father would clean them like a demented fiend. It drove mother mad. It was his sole contribution to domestic cleanliness, when she wished he would do something more useful – like get out the hoover.

  4. What variety again. But that kookaburra is my pick. Such detail and wonderful golden hour light.

  5. Love the gleam in the eye of the kookaburra. Your photos always take me to Australia. Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Just a stop gap till you get back here Jude

      • Indeed. Keep ’em coming PP πŸ™‚
        When you off to pastures new? Must be soon.and how’s Jack and his shoulder?

        • We’ll be going in a couple of weeks. Thank goodness Jack’s shoulder is feeling much better, he has had cortisone injection but the Doc says “NO lifting…” he has torn tendons. Certainly not stopping him though…

  6. I was just thinking what a lovely pair of grey horses, they are my favourite but then the kookaburra came along!

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