Travel Theme : Dogs…

I am an animal lover and especially love dogs and miss having one in my life. But as I now have a travelling life style, constantly on the move,  it is not suitable to own a dog.

But I have found a solution. I house sit and become the surrogate owner of other people’s pets. Of course I always fall in love with them, but they are like Grandchildren, I can love them for a while, then hand them back to their owners and take off into the sunset again and my gypsy life style…

Here are some of the dogs I bonded with…


Thunder from Burleigh, a Cavoodle.


Henry from Hobart, no idea what his breeding is, but totally adorable.

Manky Dan

Manky Dan from Gympie, a very large Maremma


Rimfire from Cairns, an Australian Jack Russell.


Tessa from Hobart, a bundle of fluff.

Molly from Canberra

Molly from Canberra, a Labradoodle.

All these beautiful dogs had their personalities and were all fun to look after.

Thanks Ailsa for a delightful dog theme this week, giving me the excuse to remember all these dogs that I spent a brief time with.

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12 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Dogs…

  1. All lovely – great characters.

  2. What a lovely way to get your “doggie fix”.

  3. I think my favorite is Thunder. Adorable. We can’t have dogs anymore because of my husband’s allergies. I do miss them. (I told my husband that if he dies first, I won’t remarry, but I will replace him with a dog! 🙂

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  5. What an excellent solution to being dogless. And it must take a weight of owners’ minds knowing they have a good carer in their absence. I used to have labradors, now I have to make do with a quick fix with my sister’s labrador.

    • Such a lovely breed Tish. Molly was a Labradoodle and she had the temperament of a Labrador, very loving, happy little dog.

  6. What a collection of dogs in so many different places.

  7. In an ideal world I’d love to have a lot more dogs and some cats too!

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