Bench Series : September, Metal


This month Jude of “Travel Words” would like us to show case metal benches.

I do not have so many of them. Plenty around but usually in mundane places like bus stops.

Though metal benches are cold and uncomfortable the view from these two made me sit for a while.

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12 thoughts on “Bench Series : September, Metal

  1. I’m in favour of views – the bench becomes a bit irrelevant then! What are you looking at?

  2. The bench may be purely functional but who cares with a view like that!

  3. I’d have thought the danger in your country is that metal benches become too darn hot to sit on! Great view from these though, could almost be from around here!

  4. I’m not sure where this is – but it’s very clean! Isn’t that weird that is the first thing I noticed and then I noticed the view (this must come from travelling a lot) (LOL). Great pic đŸ˜€

    • I have to admit I have a memory block about this view Dianne. My cataloguing of photos has let me down. (Yes so much travelling so many views!!!)

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